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We have 600 pre-planned English lessons for you to use today. Whether you are a new teacher or an existing teacher, you will find 60 courses from A1-C2 based on 60 different topics. Every course covers grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

The Dashboard

Log in to your Dashboard where you will see all courses in your subscription level. Every course has 10 lessons, a level (A1-C2) and a topic.

Lesson plan

The course page will have the list of 10 lessons down the left hand side. Start with lesson 1 and read the instructions. They explain step by step, how to teach the lesson and customise it for your students.

Image of lesson plan

Student presentation

After the lesson plan, the next section is the student presentation that matches the plan. You can make this full screen and share it on a smartboard or projector in the classroom. You control how fast you move through the lesson using the arrows on your keyboard.

Screengrab of a student presentation

1000's of sound clips

Whenever you see this symbol, it means there is a sound clip to play. To hear it, press the space bar. You can listen to the sound clips as many times as you and your students needs.

Image of a sound clip

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